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Sounds like a legend: Introducing Teufel's new generation of Ultima speakers

Sounds like a legend: Introducing Teufel's new generation of Ultima speakers Download image material | Link to the online web shop with technical details

Overview of features:
  • Teufel has updated the Ultima, the most successful speaker series in our range.
  • Ultima 40: 3-way passive floor-standing Hi-Fi speakers with two high-power subwoofers.
  • Ultima 20: passiver 2-Wege-Hi-Fi-Lautsprecher, nutzbar als Stereopaar oder Rears im Heimkino
  • Ultima 40 Aktiv: 3-way active Hi-Fi floor-standing speakers with Bluetooth, aptX and HDMI for perfect TV sound - initially expandable to a 4.0 or 4.1 surround set.
  • Ultima Surround: Teufel's most popular home cinema system consisting of a pair of Ultima 40 floor-standing speakers, a pair of Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers, the new Ultima Center and the powerful T 10 subwoofer.
  • New Kombos: the Ultima 20 Kombo (formerly Kombo 42) and Ultima 40 Kombo (formerly Kombo 62) will be equipped with the new Ultima speakers as surround sets.
  • Ultima 20, 40 and 40 Aktiv are available in black and white.
  • All passive Ultima speakers and sets can now be pre-ordered online at www.teufelaudio.com delivery is scheduled for late September.
Improving on perfection

"This has been a great challenge," reports Markus Romeis, head developer at Teufel. "We wanted to modernise our long-running Ultima series whilst of course preserving everything that made the Ultima so great in the first place." The most noticeable changes can be seen in the physical appearance. The basic design has been retained, but the previously slightly glossy finish of the cabinet has given way to a matte finish, and the same applies to the baffle, which is also matte in the new edition. "We are very satisfied with the new design," confirms Markus Romeis. "Although we've made a lot of alterations, the new speaker is unmistakably a true Ultima."

Ultima: truly legendary

"The Ultima 40 floor-standing speaker pair is a real legend in every respect - both in terms of itsstriking looks and powerful sound," explains Managing Director Sascha Mallah. "By adding an active edition with Bluetooth to our portfolio two years ago, we successfully began to make floor-standing speakers popular again among young people. Of course, the very fair price plays a big role in the success of the series, especially for this target group." The Ultima 40 Aktiv has also been revised and updated with several new features. Teufel has responded to customer feedback and provided the active speaker with a large display that is easy to read even from a distance.

Price and availability

Both the Ultima 20 bookshelf speaker pair (£219.99) and the Ultima 40 floor-standing speaker pair (£399.99) can be ordered now on www.teufelaudio.com Teufel's most popular surround system Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" (£879.99) is also already available. The new edition of Ultima 40 Aktiv is expected to be available before Christmas 2018 at a price of £729.99. All Ultima speakers are available in black or white.
Press contact
Florian Weidhase
Presse & PR
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
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