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Cross your limits ROCKSTER CROSS: the best sound for on the go

Cross your limits ROCKSTER CROSS: the best sound for on the go Download image material | Link to online shop with technical details

Overview of features:
  • robust Bluetooth stereo speaker made of the finest class both inside and out
  • Water proof with IPX5, thick casing, flexible shell that can take a pounding
  • Bluetooth with aptX® for wireless transmitting in CD - or similar - quality from Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.
  • powerful performance stereo system with two tweeters, a subwoofer and and two passive drivers
  • two smartphones can simultaneously connect and switch to play music
  • louder together: two ROCKSTER CROSS can wirelessly connect to each other for a stronger sound
  • integrated speech controls for hands-free wireless calls and voice commands (Google, Siri)
  • Long lasting battery life for up to 16 hours of playing
  • Controlls on device, power bank function, AUX port, LED battery gauge
  • adjustable carrying strap and power supply included in delivery
  • Available at www.teufelaudio.com from 299,99 Euro

Robust, strong, portable

"The ROCKSTER CROSS filled an important gap in our range that was missing until now", explains Sascha Mallah, Managing Director of Teufel Audio. "We learnt a lot from our BOOMSTER about creating a proper bass in this sort of form and concept when it comes to portable speakers. However, what we were missing until now, was a robust, water proof system. You could say that the ROCKSTER CROSS is the tougher brother of the BOOMSTER, which is one of our biggest successes. "With it's angled drivers and optional outdoor mode the CROSS delivers an optimal sound. Two passive membranes on the backside, together with the subwoofer ensure for a precise and heavy bass. The loudspeaker is also water proof thanks to IPX5 technology. And can be played in cold climates as low as -10°C."

Optimal balance of mobility and sound

Portable sound systems are a special challenge for developers. For a large sound you usually need a high casing volume, however the device should be compact and portable, as well as remain portable with a lasting battery life. For the ROCKSTER CROSS Teufel wanted to use light materials that were also durable. That's how the speaker now offers a powerful sound with sound pressure of 101 decibels from a meter away, despite being only 2.4kg on the scales. A strap is also included in the delivery for easy transportation of the ROCKSTER CROSS.

Functions for the every day

The music control works using buttons (Play/Pause/Louder/Quieter) found on the device. Also, with a quick touch you can activate calls or voice commands (Google Assistant, Siri), which work with the integrated microphone. Four LEDs display the current battery life of the device. There is also a Party Mode integrated, which allows two speakers to connect wirelessly over Bluetooth, allowing both to play music. Last but not least, the integrated battery plays for up to 16 hours. And if your smartphone should be low on power, you can charge it from the ROCKSTER CROSS with a USB cable.

Price, availability and delivery info

The ROCKSTER CROSS is yours for the price of 299,99 Euro in our online shop  www.teufelaudio.com. Power supply and strap included in the delivery alongside the speaker.
Press contact
Florian Weidhase
Presse & PR
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
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